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A Specific Example

Monitoring and Tracking; and Impact Evaluation
Sharakpur is currently advising several clients on public sector reforms and developing their indigenous monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The firm is also part of Technical Advisory Group of the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

The Approach to Advisory Services on M&E
    - Needs Assessment
    - Design and Implementation approved by the Client
    - Training approved by the Client
    - Assessments approved by the Client, followed by Actionable Recommendations

(A) Core Competencies and Past Performance
Sharakpur’s primary/core competency is monitoring and evaluation, and assessment (ex-ante and ex post) of the effectiveness of projects/policy/sectoral investments, including but not limited to the following areas of emphasis: accountability, transparency, and governance (especially, anti-corruption; harmonization of aid efforts among implementing partners/agencies/firms; and stakeholder-benefit analyses). The firm’s principals, management, and affiliates have been advising multilateral/bilateral development agencies. See: the credentials of the key development practitioners of the firm.

Selected examples of past and current assignments include:

(I) The World Bank Group
 - Annual Reporting of Development Results
 - Preparation and Performance Reviews of Country Assistance Strategies
 - Organization and Delivery of Staff Learning Programs on Self-Evaluation Criteria and Methods
 - Implementation, Supervision, Progress, and Completion Reporting
 - Quality Assurance of the Ongoing Portfolio and Non-Lending Services (e.g., via Trust Funds)

(II) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
 - Designing evaluation methodology and ascertaining the efficacy of its decentralized reviews
 - Evaluation of UN’s Economic Recovery Programs in Iraq and Kurdistan Region
(III) Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
 - Review of the Organization’s selective portfolio in target countries

(IV) Government of Albania
 - Public expenditure reform

(V) Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
 - Study for innovative avenues for mobilizing private financing for leveraging official aid

(VI) Inter-American Development Banck (IDB)
 - Evaluation of lending operations in Latin America

(B) Other Related Areas of Expertise in Assessing Development Effectivenesss
(a) Economic Growth, socio-economic-environment development, public sector management and reform (institutional capacity building): rule of law, access to justice, enabling environment (including security and stability issues) and governance (particularly, formulation of a Governance and Anti-Corruption (GAC) framework consisting of political economy analysis, fiduciary safeguards, and the demand side of governance). Additionally: the firm pays special attention to cross-cutting themes, exogenous factors, mitigation of risks in achieving the immediate outcomes, and sustainability of benefits.

(b) Regional, cross-country, inter-ministerial/inter-agency agency coordination; and local administration of development assistance interventions for the recipient countries and institutions.

Impact evaluations (results on the ground)—with due emphasis on analyzing the causal chain between outputs and outcomes.

(d) Thorough assessment (through targeted diagnostic questionnaires) of the Internal Inputs and Processes of all major multilateral and bilateral development partners—from the design stage to implementation/supervision to completion of the individual projects, and technical assistance activities.


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